Wednesday, 9 October 2013

How to Be More Productive

I have to admit that I have a really hard time with this one. I'm not lazy, I'm just afraid of a blank page ( or blog post) like anyone else. That being said, I'm going to try to give advice out to all you lovely people and you can decide if you agree or not.

I think the best way to become more productive is to set a time where you can practise your craft every single day. Except maybe major holidays (like national donut day). If you start to practise creativity, instead of just waiting for it to come to you it will all become less of a struggle.

Lists also help me a lot. I try to write 5 new article or story ideas everyday. This challenges you and I bet you'll be surprised about how many ideas you can actually come up with.

Other things that help inspire me are really well told stories. Be it novels, television shows, songs, or movies. When I find a story that I absolutely love (see Breaking Bad or Harry Potter) I get excited. I suddenly want to be more productive. I want to create something that will excite me just as much.

The last thing that inspires me is reading about the everyday lives and rituals of creators (new and old). I love glimpsing into the lives of highly creative and motivated people and seeing what they drink in the morning. Is it coffee? Is it tea? Fascinating. All this might seem a little sarcastic but I'm being completely honest, this stuff makes me realize that the people behind such inspiring works of art and literature are just regular people.

All of these things make me want to get up and make something that hopefully will inspire people who will read my writing to one day create something inspiring of their own. And the cycle continues.

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